Eye in the Sky(2015)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 80

Col. Katherine Powell, a military officer in command of an operation to capture terrorists in Kenya, sees her mission escalate when a girl enters the kill zone triggering an international dispute over the implications of modern warfare.

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie(2019)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 74

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie follows fugitive Jesse Pinkman as he runs from his captors, the law and his past.

Triple 9(2016)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 68

A gang of criminals and corrupt cops plan the murder of a police officer in order to pull off their biggest heist yet across town.

Need for Speed(2014)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 62

Fresh from prison, a street racer who was framed by a wealthy business associate joins a cross country race with revenge in mind. His ex-partner, learning of the plan, places a massive bounty on his head as the race begins.


Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 71

A married couple whose bond is built on a mutual love of alcohol gets their relationship put to the test when the wife decides to get sober.

A Long Way Down(2014)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 44

Four people meet on New Year's Eve and form a surrogate family to help one another with the difficulties of their lives.

The 9th Life of Louis Drax(2016)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 50

A psychologist who begins working with a young boy who has suffered a near-fatal fall finds himself drawn into a mystery that tests the boundaries of fantasy and reality.

Fathers & Daughters(2015)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 41

A Pulitzer-winning writer grapples with being a widower and father after a mental breakdown, while, 27 years later, his grown daughter struggles to forge connections of her own.


Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 53

When motocross and heavy metal obsessed thirteen-year-old Jacob's increasing delinquent behavior forces CPS to place his little brother, Wes, with his aunt, Jacob and his emotionally absent...


Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 69

A woman opts for a cloning procedure after she receives a terminal diagnosis but when she recovers her attempts to have her clone decommissioned fail, leading to a court-mandated duel to the death.

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV(2016)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 30

King Regis, who oversees the land of Lucis, commands his army of soldiers to protect the kingdom from the Niflheim empire's plans to steal the sacred crystal which gives Lucis its magic and power.

Decoding Annie Parker(2013)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 44

Love, science, sex, infidelity, disease and comedy, the wild, mostly true story of the irrepressible Annie Parker and the almost discovery of a cure for cancer.

Come and Find Me(2016)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 33

When his girlfriend goes missing, David must track down her whereabouts after he realizes she's not who she was pretending to be.

The Parts You Lose(2019)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 36

A young boy in a small North Dakota town befriends a potentially dangerous fugitive.

American Woman(2018)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 31

A woman raises her young grandson after her daughter goes missing.

Welcome Home(2018)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 27

A couple spend a weekend at a vacation rental home in the Italian countryside in an attempt to repair their relationship, but soon become victims of the homeowner's sinister plans.

Choking Man(2006)

Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 20

The social anxiety of a morbidly shy Ecuadorian dishwasher working in a Queens diner provides the psychological engine that powers this blend of drama and magical realism.


Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 0

Four friends are forced to enter an out of town junk-yard and throughout the night it's all hell and bullets as the local sheriff's men and the kids fight the mysterious killer that is stalking them one-by-one.


Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 0

A hard-living salesman becomes a quadriplegic after an accident.


Combined Rating:
Combined Critics Rating: 0

Clinton is convinced that Casey is a figment of his imagination. But seriously, what would a girl like her see in a guy like him? It seems that lately people are seeing all sorts of things ...