Best Movies of Matt Dillon

There's Something About Mary (1998)

Aggregate Rating: 167 | Imdb: 7 | Metascore: 69 | Earnings: $176.48M

Lead Role: Ben Stiller, Cameron Diaz, Matt Dillon, Lee Evans, | Director:

A man gets a chance to meet up with his dream girl from high school, even though his date with her back then was a complete disaster.

Drugstore Cowboy (1989)

Aggregate Rating: 161 | Imdb: 7 | Metascore: 82 | Earnings: $4.73M

A pharmacy-robbing dope fiend and his crew pop pills and evade the law.

To Die For (1995)

Aggregate Rating: 157 | Imdb: 6 | Metascore: 86 | Earnings: $21.20M

A beautiful but naïve aspiring television personality films a documentary on teenagers with a darker ulterior motive.

Beautiful Girls (1996)

Aggregate Rating: 141 | Imdb: 7 | Metascore: 64 | Earnings: $20.84M

A piano player at a crossroads in his life returns home to his friends and their own problems with life and love.

Proxima (2019)

Aggregate Rating: 139 | Imdb: 6 | Metascore: 75 | Earnings: null

An astronaut prepares for a one-year mission aboard the International Space Station.

My Bodyguard (1980)

Aggregate Rating: 139 | Imdb: 7 | Metascore: 67 | Earnings: null

When a boy comes to a new school and gets harassed by a bully, he acquires the services of the school's most feared kid as a bodyguard.

Rumble Fish (1983)

Aggregate Rating: 138 | Imdb: 7 | Metascore: 63 | Earnings: $2.50M

Rusty James, an absent-minded street thug struggles to live up to his legendary older brother's reputation, and longs for the days when gang warfare was going on.

Nothing But the Truth (2008)

Aggregate Rating: 138 | Imdb: 7 | Metascore: 64 | Earnings: $0.00M

In Washington, D.C., a female reporter faces a possible jail sentence for outing a CIA agent and refusing to reveal her source.

Factotum (2005)

Aggregate Rating: 138 | Imdb: 6 | Metascore: 71 | Earnings: $0.81M

This drama centers on Hank Chinaski, the fictional alter-ego of "Factotum" author Charles Bukowski, who wanders around Los Angeles, CA trying to live off jobs which don't interfere with his primary interest, which is writing. Along the way, he fends off the distractions offered by women, drinking and gambling.

In & Out (1997)

Aggregate Rating: 137 | Imdb: 6 | Metascore: 70 | Earnings: $63.83M

A midwestern teacher questions his sexuality after a former student makes a comment about him at the Academy Awards.

Wild Things (1998)

Aggregate Rating: 127 | Imdb: 6 | Metascore: 52 | Earnings: $29.75M

A police detective uncovers a conspiracy behind a case involving a high-school guidance counselor when accusations of rape are made against him by two female students.

The Outsiders (1983)

Aggregate Rating: 118 | Imdb: 7 | Metascore: 38 | Earnings: $25.60M

The rivalry between two gangs, the poor Greasers and the rich Socs, only heats up when one gang member kills a member of the other.

Sunlight Jr. (2013)

Aggregate Rating: 117 | Imdb: 5 | Metascore: 61 | Earnings: null

A Florida couple deals with an unexpected pregnancy while holding minimum wage jobs.

City of Ghosts (2002)

Aggregate Rating: 117 | Imdb: 6 | Metascore: 57 | Earnings: $0.33M

A con man (Dillon) travels to Cambodia (also on the run from law enforcement in the U.S.) to collect his share in an insurance scam, but discovers more than he bargained for...

The House That Jack Built (2018)

Aggregate Rating: 114 | Imdb: 7 | Metascore: 41 | Earnings: null

The story follows Jack, a highly intelligent serial killer, over the course of twelve years, and depicts the murders that really develop his inner madman.

Albino Alligator (1996)

Aggregate Rating: 110 | Imdb: 6 | Metascore: 48 | Earnings: $0.33M

While escaping from a foiled robbery attempt, three thieves find themselves surrounded by police at a New Orleans bar--only they're not the people the police are searching for.

Takers (2010)

Aggregate Rating: 110 | Imdb: 6 | Metascore: 45 | Earnings: $57.74M

A group of bank robbers find their multi-million dollar plan interrupted by a hard-boiled detective.

Armored (2009)

Aggregate Rating: 110 | Imdb: 5 | Metascore: 50 | Earnings: $15.99M

A newbie guard for an armored truck company is coerced by his veteran coworkers to steal a truck containing $42 million. But a wrinkle in their supposedly foolproof plan divides the group, leading to a potentially deadly resolution.

You, Me and Dupree (2006)

Aggregate Rating: 109 | Imdb: 5 | Metascore: 46 | Earnings: $75.60M

A best man (Wilson) stays on as a houseguest with the newlyweds, much to the couple's annoyance.

One Night at McCool's (2001)

Aggregate Rating: 109 | Imdb: 6 | Metascore: 46 | Earnings: $6.28M

Every man has a different recollection of the beautiful young woman who wreaked havoc on their lives during one heated night.