Best Movies of Taraji P. Henson

Hidden Figures (2016)

Aggregate Rating: 170 | Imdb: 7 | Metascore: 74 | Earnings: $169.38M

The story of a team of female African-American mathematicians who served a vital role in NASA during the early years of the U.S. space program.

Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018)

Aggregate Rating: 151 | Imdb: 8 | Metascore: 71 | Earnings: null

Six years after the events of "Wreck-It Ralph", Ralph and Vanellope, now friends, discover a wi-fi router in their arcade, leading them into a new adventure.

The Karate Kid (2010)

Aggregate Rating: 131 | Imdb: 6 | Metascore: 61 | Earnings: $176.59M

Work causes a single mother to move to China with her young son; in his new home, the boy embraces kung fu, taught to him by a master.

Date Night (2010)

Aggregate Rating: 127 | Imdb: 6 | Metascore: 56 | Earnings: $98.71M

In New York City, a case of mistaken identity turns a bored married couple's attempt at a glamorous and romantic evening into something more thrilling and dangerous.

The Best of Enemies (2019)

Aggregate Rating: 121 | Imdb: 7 | Metascore: 49 | Earnings: $10.21M

Civil rights activist Ann Atwater faces off against C.P. Ellis, Exalted Cyclops of the Ku Klux Klan, in 1971 Durham, North Carolina over the issue of school integration.

Baby Boy (2001)

Aggregate Rating: 120 | Imdb: 6 | Metascore: 55 | Earnings: $28.73M

This is the story of Jody, an unemployed young black man, who's been living with his mother for several years, even though he's got a child of his own. Romantically, he's having ...

The Good Doctor (2011)

Aggregate Rating: 109 | Imdb: 5 | Metascore: 52 | Earnings: $0.00M

A young doctor goes to unconscionable extremes in order to remain in the service of a female patient with a kidney disorder.

Not Easily Broken (2009)

Aggregate Rating: 104 | Imdb: 6 | Metascore: 43 | Earnings: $10.57M

A car accident and shifting affections test the bond between a married couple.

What Men Want (2019)

Aggregate Rating: 103 | Imdb: 5 | Metascore: 49 | Earnings: $54.61M

A woman is boxed out by the male sports agents in her profession, but gains an unexpected edge over them when she develops the ability to hear men's thoughts.

I Can Do Bad All by Myself (2009)

Aggregate Rating: 98 | Imdb: 4 | Metascore: 55 | Earnings: $51.70M

When Madea catches sixteen-year-old Jennifer and her two younger brothers looting her home, she decides to take matters into her own hands and delivers the young delinquents to the only ...

Coffee & Kareem (2020)

Aggregate Rating: 92 | Imdb: 5 | Metascore: 35 | Earnings: null

Twelve-year-old Kareem Manning hires a criminal to scare his mom's new boyfriend -police officer James Coffee - but it backfires, forcing Coffee and Kareem to team up in order to save themselves from Detroit's most ruthless drug kingpin.

Acrimony (2018)

Aggregate Rating: 89 | Imdb: 5 | Metascore: 32 | Earnings: $43.55M

A faithful wife, tired of standing by her devious husband, is enraged when it becomes clear she has been betrayed.

Proud Mary (2018)

Aggregate Rating: 85 | Imdb: 4 | Metascore: 35 | Earnings: $20.87M

Mary (Taraji P. Henson) is a hit woman working for an organized crime family in Boston, whose life is completely turned around when she meets a young boy whose path she crosses when a professional hit goes bad.

No Good Deed (2014)

Aggregate Rating: 83 | Imdb: 5 | Metascore: 26 | Earnings: $52.54M

An unstable escaped convict terrorizes a woman who is alone with her two children.

From the Rough (2013)

Aggregate Rating: 69 | Imdb: 6 | Metascore: 0 | Earnings: null

Dr. Catana Starks made history as the first woman and the first African American woman to coach a men's college golf team.

Hurricane Season (2009)

Aggregate Rating: 67 | Imdb: 6 | Metascore: 0 | Earnings: null

A year after Hurricane Katrina, Al Collins, a high school basketball coach in Marrero, Louisiana, assembles a team of players who had previously attended five different schools before the ...

Once Fallen (2010)

Aggregate Rating: 48 | Imdb: 4 | Metascore: 0 | Earnings: null

The hardest part about moving on is saying goodbye.