Best Movies of Val Kilmer

Heat (1995)

Aggregate Rating: 199 | Imdb: 8 | Metascore: 76 | Earnings: $67.44M

A group of professional bank robbers start to feel the heat from police when they unknowingly leave a clue at their latest heist, while both sides attempt to find balance between their personal and their professional lives.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)

Aggregate Rating: 166 | Imdb: 7 | Metascore: 72 | Earnings: $4.24M

A murder mystery brings together a private eye, a struggling actress, and a thief masquerading as an actor.

Top Gun (1986)

Aggregate Rating: 163 | Imdb: 6 | Metascore: 50 | Earnings: $176.78M

As students at the United States Navy's elite fighter weapons school compete to be best in the class, one daring young pilot learns a few things from a civilian instructor that are not taught in the classroom.

Deja Vu (2006)

Aggregate Rating: 156 | Imdb: 7 | Metascore: 59 | Earnings: $64.03M

After a ferry is bombed in New Orleans, an A.T.F. agent joins a unique investigation using experimental surveillance technology to find the bomber, but soon finds himself becoming obsessed with one of the victims.

True Romance (1993)

Aggregate Rating: 155 | Imdb: 8 | Metascore: 57 | Earnings: $12.28M

In Detroit, a lonely pop culture geek marries a call girl, steals cocaine from her pimp, and tries to sell it in Hollywood. Meanwhile, the owners of the cocaine - the Mob - track them down in an attempt to reclaim it.

Top Secret! (1984)

Aggregate Rating: 148 | Imdb: 7 | Metascore: 68 | Earnings: null

Parody of WWII spy movies in which an American rock and roll singer becomes involved in a Resistance plot to rescue a scientist imprisoned in East Germany.

The Prince of Egypt (1998)

Aggregate Rating: 144 | Imdb: 7 | Metascore: 64 | Earnings: $101.22M

An Egyptian prince learns of his identity as a Hebrew and his destiny to become the chosen deliverer of his people.

The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call - New Orleans (2009)

Aggregate Rating: 143 | Imdb: 6 | Metascore: 69 | Earnings: $1.70M

Terence McDonagh is a drug- and gambling-addled detective in post-Katrina New Orleans investigating the killing of five Senegalese immigrants.

The Doors (1991)

Aggregate Rating: 141 | Imdb: 7 | Metascore: 62 | Earnings: $35.18M

The story of the famous and influential 1960s rock band The Doors and its lead singer and composer, Jim Morrison, from his days as a UCLA film student in Los Angeles, to his untimely death in Paris, France at age 27 in 1971.

Willow (1988)

Aggregate Rating: 133 | Imdb: 7 | Metascore: 47 | Earnings: $57.27M

A reluctant dwarf must play a critical role in protecting a special baby from an evil queen.

Spartan (2004)

Aggregate Rating: 130 | Imdb: 6 | Metascore: 60 | Earnings: $4.36M

The investigation into a kidnapping of the daughter of a high-ranking US government official.

Kill the Irishman (2011)

Aggregate Rating: 127 | Imdb: 7 | Metascore: 50 | Earnings: $1.19M

The true story of Danny Greene, a tough Irish thug working for mobsters in Cleveland during the 1970's.

Batman Forever (1995)

Aggregate Rating: 123 | Imdb: 5 | Metascore: 51 | Earnings: $184.03M

Batman must battle former district attorney Harvey Dent, who is now Two-Face and Edward Nygma, The Riddler with help from an amorous psychologist and a young circus acrobat who becomes his sidekick, Robin.

The Saint (1997)

Aggregate Rating: 118 | Imdb: 6 | Metascore: 50 | Earnings: $61.36M

Simon Templar (The Saint), is a thief for hire, whose latest job to steal the secret process for cold fusion puts him at odds with a traitor bent on toppling the Russian government, as well as the woman who holds its secret.

The Salton Sea (2002)

Aggregate Rating: 115 | Imdb: 7 | Metascore: 41 | Earnings: $0.68M

After a tragic incident, a man drifts into a world populated by thugs and speed junkies.

Standing Up (2013)

Aggregate Rating: 110 | Imdb: 7 | Metascore: 40 | Earnings: null

Two kids befriend each other after being left stripped nude in a lake as the victims of an immature summer camp prank. They run away from camp and for three days learn more about each other than they've ever known before.

Wonderland (2003)

Aggregate Rating: 110 | Imdb: 6 | Metascore: 43 | Earnings: $1.06M

In the police investigation of a brutal crime scene, one man was at the center of it all: legendary porn star John Holmes.

Mindhunters (2004)

Aggregate Rating: 104 | Imdb: 6 | Metascore: 33 | Earnings: $4.48M

Trainees in the FBI's psychological profiling program must put their training into practice when they discover a killer in their midst.

At First Sight (1999)

Aggregate Rating: 100 | Imdb: 5 | Metascore: 40 | Earnings: $22.33M

A blind man has an operation to regain his sight at the urging of his girlfriend and must deal with the changes to his life.

MacGruber (2010)

Aggregate Rating: 100 | Imdb: 5 | Metascore: 43 | Earnings: $8.46M

Former special operative MacGruber is called back into action to take down his arch-enemy, Dieter Von Cunth, who's in possession of a nuclear warhead and bent on destroying Washington, D.C.