Best Movies of Mark Sobel

Little Secrets (1991)

Aggregate Rating: 68 | Imdb: 6 | Metascore: 0 | Earnings: null

Six women on the eve of their tenth high school reunion hold a slumber party and relive the old days, rekindle old friendships, and unearth old secrets.

The Commission (2003)

Aggregate Rating: 61 | Imdb: 6 | Metascore: 0 | Earnings: null

Using transcripts from the Warren Commission Report, this film documents the workings of the Warren Commission, which investigated the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963.

Sweet Revenge (1987)

Aggregate Rating: 43 | Imdb: 4 | Metascore: 0 | Earnings: null

Nancy Allen plays an investigative news reporter Jillian Gray, who, along with her daughter is kidnapped by white slave king Cicero, after getting too close with her investigation. Now that...

Access Code (1984)

Aggregate Rating: 33 | Imdb: 3 | Metascore: 0 | Earnings: null

A secret organisation gains control over the American nuclear weapons. A journalist ventures out to stop them.

Loyal Opposition (1998)

Aggregate Rating: 28 | Imdb: 2 | Metascore: 0 | Earnings: null

When a terrorist surfaces, the Chairman of the Joint Chief urges the President for military response. However, the President prefers to try negotiating. So, the General takes the President ...